Request a Grant

Request a Grant


UPMC Horizon Community Health Foundation’s Grant Application is simple.  Please read the following guidelines.

The mission of the UPMC Horizon Community Health Foundation is to contribute to an improved quality of life in UPMC Horizon’s service area through sponsorship of programs which provide improved access to healthcare for area residents; promote improved health and wellness; identify, call attention to, and address unmet human service needs; and promote cooperation among area health and human service organizations.

All grants made by the Foundation will be for projects that fulfill the Foundation’s mission. The Foundation awards grants in the UPMC Horizon service area.

Generally, the Foundation does not award grants to individuals, nor does it award grants for sectarian purposes, endowments, special events, conferences, scholarships, internships, awards or capital construction projects. Exceptions may apply as they relate to issues of importance to the Foundation.  All grants are subject to the approval of the Foundation Board of Directors.

Who can apply?

The UPMC Horizon Community Health Foundation awards grants to non-profit organizations that are defined as tax-exempt under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code. For grants, organizations must be located within the defined service area of UPMC Horizon or demonstrate that a significant majority of their populations is from the service area.

Schedule of Meetings 

The Grant Review Committee of the UPMC Horizon Community Health Foundation meets quarterly in March, June, September, and December. Applications for grants must be received by the 15th of the month prior to the meeting.  Recommendations will be made to the UPMC Horizon Community Health Foundation Board of Directors at the next regular scheduled meeting that takes place on the second Thursday of every other month.

Application Process

Applications for grants should be in the narrative form with specified attachments. Send 8 copies to UPMC Horizon Community Health Foundation, 2200 Memorial Drive, Farrell, PA 16121, Attention:  Jacqueline Bonier, Executive Director.  The letter and attachments should include the following:

A brief summary about the organization including the history, mission and goals. Also include why the organization is unique;

  • Information about the proposed project, target population, and its intended results;
  • How the organization’s need relates to the mission of the Foundation;
  • The total cost of the project and timetable for completion;
  • The amount requested including a detailed account of how funds will be utilized;
  • Alternate funding sources and amounts requested or funded;
  • Assessment Plan;
  • 501(c)3 exempt status letter;
  • List of organization’s directors and officers;
  • Annual Report, if available.

The Grant Review Committee will contact the organization if additional information is required.

The Board of Directors makes final decisions on all grants based on the relevance of the request to the Foundation’s mission, the quality of planning and potential impact, the financial and management strengths of the organization, the amount of the request, and other relevant factors. Notifications of decisions are mailed after each meeting.

Written evaluation of project is required after completion. A representative from the organization may be invited to attend a meeting of the Board of Directors to present project outcomes.