Healthy Habits

Healthy Habits

Let’s Start at the Beginning

School-aged children are already establishing patterns of behavior that may last a lifetime; therefore, it is important to teach them about healthy lifestyle practices early.  Healthy, active youth likely turn into healthy, active adults and physical activity contributes to better attention spans and improved cognitive learning skills in children.   Unfortunately, many children are not learning healthy habits at home and budget cuts are resulting in a reduction in gym classes at most public schools.  Despite the evidence to support the relationship between child and adult health, cultural and societal changes seem to be impeding healthy decision making for our children.

Coaching Wellness

UPMC Horizon has developed and tested an eight week course designed specifically for students.  Of course, it emphasizes exercise and healthy eating habits.  However, the program also addresses a recent and very real concern, mental and social health.  This special curriculum assists students in managing social interaction in an environment where simple mistakes can have complicated long term impact.

Request the Healthy Habits Program

If you are an elementary or middle school teacher or administrator and you would like to apply for this program, read the Healthy Habits Guidelines and complete the Healthy Habits Application.