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Fund Descriptions

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General Fund

The General Fund account is used for various needs that arise from time to time to support hospital, employee, or community needs. This fund helped to create some of the development funds listed above as gaps in certain areas were identified. This fund offers flexibility to support a host of one-time contributions.

Children’s Fund

This fund assists young mothers with several prenatal needs including getting to their appointments and maternal nutrition, and provides postpartum needs for their newborn including safe sleeping spaces, car seats, and the necessary tools to care for her child. This fund also benefits Makenna’s HUGS which helps mothers who’ve suffered miscarriage or infant loss through the initial stages of grief.

Disaster Impact

The Disaster Impact Fund supports the needs of the hospital and our communities during times of local, state, or federal declarations of disaster. During COVID-19 significant funding supported staff meals and hotel accommodations for those requiring quarantine.

Dr. Edgardo Lob Memorial Cancer Care Fund

The Dr. Edgardo Lob Memorial Cancer Care Fund supports cancer patients being treated locally through the Hillman Cancer Centers at UPMC Horizon. The fund also supports national cancer research and educational organizations such as the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the American Cancer Society, Relay for LIfe and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. This fund is named in memory of Dr. Edgardo Lob (1958-2021) who spent his career helping those around him fight cancer. Dr. Lob was known for his personable and caring manner towards his patients and fellow healthcare providers.

Employee Contribution

We are nothing without the kind, caring and compassionate employees at UPMC Horizon. Since its inception in the 1960’s the Employee Contribution Fund helps employees with anything from providing basic needs for their families to responding to emergency situations.

Heart Saver

Every day, across the country lives are saved thanks to fast-responding bystanders with easy access to Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs). We are working closely with non-profits, first responders, and schools to increase survival rates by purchasing AED’s and distributing them to public facilities where they may most often be needed.

Medical Equipment Recycling Program

Medical Equipment Recycling Program (MERP) provides refurbished medical equipment to people in UPMC Horizon’s service area who lack the insurance coverage or means to buy new medical equipment. MERP reaches out to all ages and levels of disability, temporary or long-term. We provide not only necessary equipment, but also peace of mind.

Patient Transportation

Transportation is essential for those seeking medical care, but there are hundreds of people in our region who do not have access to it. We partner with various transportation programs including local EMS, public and private programs to supply transportation to patients in need. Because of this fund, patients who don’t have the means or capacity to get to medical appointments or return home from emergency visits, now have a reliable mode of transport. Through this fund, we meet not only the physical needs of transportation for patients, but also provide security for them in knowing they have a reliable way to get to healthcare providers. 


Scholarships from the UPMC Horizon Community Health Foundation support the housekeeper who wants to go back to school for respiratory therapy, the nurse who wants to pursue a master’s degree, or the prenatal unit that wants to be trained in bereavement care. In turn, continued education equips your local hospital with the skills and expertise that allow us to give you and your loved ones the highest level of care possible. Ongoing and advanced training is vital to what we do, and it is in part made possible by the generosity of our community.

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